Strategic location

A strategic location is our top priority which must certainly support the active lifestyle of the residents of the house

Healthy Environment

Kopo Harmonis Townhouse is a residential area that has lots of green open space with lots of protective plants from residential facilities that will bring more supply of clean air that refreshes you around this residence

Smart Home Security & Systems

The aspect of security and the smart home system is the standard completeness of security protocols and sophisticated residential conveniences that we have specially prepared for the residents who live in our residential area for the comfort and peace of the residents.

Exclusive Cluster

Our residence is an exclusive residential residence with neatly arranged underground electricity arrangements, along with the specifications for drainage using red brick ring construction making this residence the best residence around this area.

Fiber Optic Internet Infrastructure

One of our top priorities is to provide a very qualified fiber-optic internet network to support your accessibility in working and surfing in cyberspace, playing games and social media smoothly.

Other Interesting Points

We plan to carry out an interesting development to support residential comfort with coffee shops around the area, which is very pleasant for sure