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Trending topics on Twitter

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Do you know what the current topics are on Twitter?

You are probably a Twitterizen if you’re a regular user of Twitter and its 140-character tweets.

The trending topics are located on the right-hand side of your Twitter page under the “Trends” heading. You will find the top keywords Tweetizens use under “Trends.” is often preceded by a pound sign.

The most popular topics on Twitter change from time to time, and also vary by location. Clicking on the “worldwide” trends will give you a general idea of what people are tweeting about. Click on the name of your city or country to see ” Local Trends“.

During the holiday season, I spent more time on twitter trends worldwide following trending subjects. It was fascinating to read about everyone’s opinions on a variety of topics, from sports to celebrity sightings around the world , from Christmas greetings to. On one day, I was shocked to find a global trending topic about “hate”. “

The Latest Trends on Hate

I was so surprised that in a time of peace and giving gifts, the following topics were trending worldwide for a full day: #HATEMALAYSIA #loveindonesia #malaysians #indonesians. I was shocked to see a full-blown Indonesian-Malaysian Twitter war taking place right in front of my eyes.

The tweets were so frequent and flooded Twitter that I thought there was a civil war between Malaysia and Indonesia.

The best thing you can do when you see a trending topic like this is click on it and read what others are saying. Eventually, I found out that the trending hate topics had been sparked by a football match taking place between these two nations. Fans were cheering or jeering one another. What a relief to know that the topic was only about football! Indonesian Tweetizens – the second most frequent users of Twitter – vented their anger about accusations of cheating during the football match.

This got me to thinking: What if this instigated more than a football war? This Indonesian and Malaysian Twitter War is a real eye-opener.

Trending topic of peace and love

I believe that when we use social media such as Twitter or Facebook we should be aware of the fact we shouldn’t be instigating hatred . These websites should be used to forge connections, friendships and relationships, bridge gaps and borders and provide help, support and aid. Opinions, personal thoughts, and expressions of all kinds are welcome. However, I believe we must be mindful to not offend others’ sensibilities.

I hope that the word “hate”, in the next topic trending on Twitter, will never be seen again.

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