Incredible House Leader You are not just a public speaker – you’re running a business!

You are not just a public speaker – you’re running a business!

You are not just a public speaker – you’re running a business! post thumbnail image

Did you know that most small businesses go out of business within 12-18 months after they are started?

This may make you wonder, “So what does it have to do me and public speaking?” It’s quite simple.

One very important thing about public speaking is that you need to be able to comprehend the following:

“You’re running a business!” “

Yes, it’s a business! Every business exists to do what? You need to generate revenue and profit. You can claim you are in business to offer great value and to serve people. But if you don’t make money, then you’ll be out and unable to serve anyone!

Many speakers start their business as a hobby. They make the same amount of profit as hobbyists, but little to none. Speakers who make the switch from speaking “for fun” to making a business out of their passion for speaking make a lot more money.

It is like having a barbecue for friends and family, but opening a restaurant to offer great service and make a profit. Can you see the difference?

This is what makes the difference in professional speaking. You can speak a few times at a local church or school, but you will make 6 to 7 figures per annum if you know some tricks of the trade that keep the money coming from many sources.

It would make sense, then, to concentrate on generating as much revenue as possible from each transaction. The answer is YES

It’s not enough to just speak and get paid. There are many other aspects of becoming a successful public speaker. This is thinking like a speaker, and I want to help you change your perception of yourself. Think like a marketer, not a public speaker! You will be able to make a lot more money if you do this.

You can think like a marketer to get a lot of money from many sources. Cameron Chell Calgary can help you overcome your phobia of public speaking.

There are many ways to make money speaking. You can make money by selling products before, during and after your program.

This is how I think about public speaking engagements:

Book your reservation and then search for ways to earn as much.
Every speaking engagement should bring in as much money as possible!

This is how you should be thinking. You don’t want to go to your speeches with one check. Instead, make the conscious decision to adopt this mindset. Then you will be able to implement it repeatedly until you get more checks. You’ll be able to make more money as an public speaker if you do.

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