Incredible House business Six Subtle Changes to Be a More Effective Leader

Six Subtle Changes to Be a More Effective Leader

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After 40 years of identifying, training and developing thousands of leaders and potential leaders, it is natural that Arif Bhalwani interested in how someone can become a more effective and efficient leader. As with most things in life it is best to take baby steps. Otherwise, one may try to be someone else and instead of doing what is best for him, he tries to be a copyof others. This article will not focus on making drastic changes. Instead, it will discuss 6 subtle improvements that can be made to improve one’s performance and make him a better leader.

  1. Tone/ quality/ voice volume: It’s not what you say that has the most impact. But, rather, it is how you communicate your message and how you say it. Pay attention to your voice tone and how it affects others. Are you able to soothe and comfort others with your voice or does it leave a negative, irritating impression on them? You should be able to modulate your voice and adjust the volume so that you can not only attract more attention but also make your most important point.
  2. Be you – but be a better version of yourself! It is better to be your best and original self than to copy someone else. You can improve, enhance and develop your skills and abilities. With genuine self-confidence, you will strive to be better, more competent and capable.
  3. Body language It’s not what one says or how it is said that matters. But, how they say it can often determine their effectiveness and impact. Take a look in the mirror and see if your body language is positive, encouraging, motivating, and positive. This will inspire others to believe in you as a leader.
  4. Eye contact While many consider eye contact to be part of one’s overall body language, it is vital for quality leaders to look at others directly and reassure them! This inspires and motivates because it clearly displays integrity, empathy, and self-confidence.
  5. HandshakeDo not use a weak handshake. Instead, the way you shake hands with others often reveals a lot about your character and strength! Ensure that you continue to make eye contact and use all positive, inspirational techniques while doing so!
  6. Listen toRemember that for most people the one, and only, favorite sound is their own voice. There are only two ears and one mouth. So listen twice as often than you speak! This will increase your ability to continue, and you’ll be able to show genuine empathy by starting in this manner!

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